About Us

About us

A bustling family run floral studio bursting with creativity, passion, a whole lot of love for everything we do (and the odd cup of tea). Flowers have always been a part of our lives from growing up on our grandparent’s adventurous garden centre to living in the glorious Northern Irish countryside, and from that we take all our inspiration. With just under 20 year of business under our belt, it is safe to say we have learnt quite a lot overthose years and of course, as we have grown, so have our flowers.

We like to think we are relaxed, free and in harmony with our flowers, our plants and floral arranging can vary with us from week to week, one week we could be feeling colourful and joyful and others we can be romantic and moody, and we love that our flowers come with us on that journey!

As well as creating for our two shops, we also organise, design weddings, and cooperate events all over Ireland and Northern Ireland and with every task or job we are handed we delve into each with every bit of enthusiasm as the last.  Just doing our bit to spread the floral love.

Jane, Tony and Ceibhionn


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